Amazon River

Manaus to Santarem (See Map)

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Rio Negro  
From Manaus we took a two day guided trip on the Rio Negro and surrounding jungle staying overnight in a floating lodge.
The ‘meeting of the waters’. The Rio Negro, originating in the lowlands of Colombia, is blackened by tannins from decomposing vegetation; whereas the Rio Solimoes, originating in the Andes of Peru, is white from clay and rock deposits. The 2 rivers meet 5km downstream of Manaus to form the Amazon River. There is a clear delineation between the white and black waters until they mingle a further 11km downstream.
These are Victoria amazonica, the largest water lily in the world with leaves between 2 and 6 ft in diameter.  One of these had a small alligator resting on it, unfortunately it was out of photo range.
Some local children paddled out to our boat with their pets hoping to make some money from tourists being photographed with them. This boy had a pet sloth. Most of the girls had alligators.
The day was going well until we got stuck in the lake weed.
Out came the machetes and a path was cut to set us free.
The beautifully carved channel. However the whole process took around 2 hours so we arrived at our lodge very late for lunch at 5pm.
The floating lodge where we spent the night.
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