Central Brazil

Santerem to Cuiaba (See Map)

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Fazenda Mutum to Chapada  
On the way out of Novo Mutum we stopped for breakfast at Frederick’s farm.
It always surprises us how TV crews and journalists manage to track us down. At least for this one we had Walter as a translator.
From Novo Mutum we continued South to Cuiaba.  Cuiaba is close to Chapada National Park, an area of hills and canyons a little like the American Southwest only greener.
We hired a car for the day to explore the hills.  In Brazil there is a VW Golfe (equivalent to a Golf) but also there is a more basic version popular as hire cars known as a Gol.
This is the classic view shown in all of the tourist pamphlet about this area.
We attempted to drive along a dirt track to see some rock formations but we got stuck in the sand only just managing to get the car back out before sunset.
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