Northern Brazil

Pacaraima to Manaus (See Map)

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First Days in Brazil    
These were the first road signs in Brazil. Brasilia, the capital, is a mere 4488km away. A reminder that we still have a long way to go!
From the border we descended into the lowlands of Brazil. At first we were struck by the scarcity of trees. This was not how we had imagined Amazonia.
The rainy season starts earlier in Brazil and they had already had many months of rain. Flooded land was a common sight.
Alvaro and his favourite lunch – Cheez Whiz sandwiches.
Jeremy "would have done well in a wild man competition" a fellow cyclist has noted.
We took advantage of a half day off from cycling in Boa Vista to rectify this. Beth’s parents used to be hairdressers. We hoped she had inherited some of the talent.
The finished look - not much sun to the chin for a while!
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