Dawson City to Watson Lake (See Map)

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Richardson Highway  
From Dawson City, the Richardson Highway winds through seemingly endless evergreen forests following the course of the Yukon River upstream to Whitehorse, our biggest City so far. We were looking forward to visiting some bicycle and camping shops.
Dramatic scenery of the North.
We were starting to master the art of leaning the bikes against each other.
The local café owners in this part of the world are in competition to see who can produce the largest cinnamon bun. Even Jeremy couldn’t manage a whole one!
This is one of the boats which used to bring the wealthier of travellers up the Yukon River to Dawson City in Gold Rush times on display in Whitehorse. We went to look inside - It is actually very luxurious. The poorer travellers had to walk over the gruelling Chilkoot trail carrying all their equipment with them.
We also went to visit the salmon ladder, built to allow salmon to continue to swim upriver to spawn past the dam which was built to meet energy needs. There is a series of boxes with water flowing through. The salmon rest for several days at the bottom before making their attempt. There is a viewing box so you can look though glass walls to see the salmon swimming past.
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