Porto Cortes to Choluteca (See Map)

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Copan Ruins    
We travelled from San Pedro Sula to the ruins at Copan.  Like Tikal in Guatemala, it was once an important city of the Mayan Empire.
At its zenith the City would have supported 20,000 people.  Only the temples at the centre of the city remain as the residential buildings were made from wood and have therefore long since decayed.
Copan is famous for its intricately carved stone stelae which depict the Kingdom's rulers.  This one is King 18 Rabbit who ruled between 695 and 738 AD.
Temples were built by each new ruler when he came into power.  If the site of an old temple was considered auspicious the new temple would be built over it leaving the original in place.
Tunnels lead into the walls of some of the temples revealing earlier structures inside.
Important Mayan cities had their own emblems.  The main emblem of Copan was the leaf-nosed bat.
The people of Copan thought of the world as the body of a crocodile floating on water, its four corners held up by gods known as Pauahtuns, one of whom is depicted in this sculpture.
Macaw sculpture.
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