Baja California

Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas (See Map)

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Baja North    
No high security here at the Mexican border.  We cycled straight through and found ourselves in downtown Tijuana.  Then we had to go back to look for the office to get our passports stamped.  Can't imagine it would be that easy in the other direction.
Tijuana is where Americans come to shop for things which they can buy cheaply in Mexico.  Insurance and medications are some of the top sellers.  They even have a McDonalds to make them feel at home.  Note the McBurrito!
Young Americans can drink here legally at the age of 18 whereas they have to wait another 3 years at home.  The margaritas come in many flavours including viagra flavour!
Elaborate roadside chapels so people can stop and pray on route.  With the amount of traffic in Northern Baja and the narrow roads these chapels are well frequented.
This one blends with the desert scenery.
A group a Mexican cyclists we met in Ensenada.  Some of them were doing a mad 24 hour long ride from Tijuana to San Felipe.  Luckily they had picked a night with a full moon.
Our first camp on the beach.  Not exactly sandy but the Thermarests did the trick.  The water came almost up to our tent during the night.  We remembered to pitch further up the beach after this.
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