Southern Mexico

Oaxaca to Tapachula (See Map)

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Oaxaca is a beautiful city famous for delicious hot chocolate and unusual sauces known as moles which are made from a range of ingredients including chocolate and chilli.
We met a German couple, Gerrit and Madlen, who had also cycled from Alaska.
They were travelling with their Husky dog, Sam.  Unusually for a Husky, this one doesn't do the towing but is carried behind the bicycle in a custom made kennel.
El Tule, just outside of Oaxaca.  This is the biggest tree in the world.  Not only that, it is the biggest biomass in the world.
Beth's bike in front of El Tule.
We went to a show of traditional dancing.  Jeremy was forced onto the stage for a dance much to his embarrassment.
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