Somotillo to Penas Blancas (See Map)

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The Island of Ometepe    
Tired of battling strong head and side winds, we took a couple of days off to visit the beautiful Isla de Ometepe formed by two volcanoes rising out of Lago de Nicaragua.
Leaving our bikes in the hotel we headed out around the island by bus.  We were puzzled by Bus Rule number 4 which stipulated that we must ‘use inside voices’.
Due to the heat, the schoolroom is open air.
An unusual mode of transport! Apparently very effective if the bull is trained at a young age.
We spotted these beautiful, noisy white throated magpie jays throughout the Pacific lowlands from Mexico onwards but here on the island they are particularly cheeky and try to steal food from your plate.
We swapped the bus for a more traditional mode of transport to locate some ancient petroglyphs but two hours of this caused more muscle aches than we have ever had on the bicycles.
We felt that this island was one of the most beautiful places in Central America.
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