Southern Brazil

Cuiaba to Iguaçu Falls (See Map)

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To the Border  
We descended from the planes into the rolling countryside of Southern Brazil. By now it was winter in the Southern hemisphere and was starting to feel quite chilly.
Our route followed the course of the Parana river. This water will eventually flow over the Itaipu Dam which we intended to visit. We wondered who would get there first.
We camped inside this tyre repair shop one night. The sign said open 24 hours but luckily there weren’t any customers that night.
Here, charcoal is being produced by burning wood in these giant ovens for use in the churrascarias - Brazilian barbecue restaurants.
Shanty towns of agricultural workers. It must get pretty cold in the winter.
Mad Brazilian drivers! This one forgot to slow down for the roundabout.
By the time we got close to Argentina the temperatures were dropping below zero at night.
The family who owned this deli made us delicious hot chocolate and explained that Brazilians are taller than Paraguayans because the Paraguayans didn’t eat enough beef.
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