Southern Brazil

Cuiaba to Iguaçu Falls (See Map)

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Foz do Iguaçu  
Itaipu dam spans the river between Paraguay and Brazil. It provides 90% of all Paraguay’s energy consumption and 25% of Brazil’s.
Giant chutes which deliver water to the turbines.
After the dam we visited Iguazu Falls, probably the most famous attraction in Southern Brazil. The falls span two countries, Brazil and Argentina. We visited both sides but will include photos from both sides here. The Brazilian side gives an overview of the area but the walkways on the Argentinean side get you closer to the star attraction, an area known as the ‘Devil’s Throat’; both are impressive.
The coati, a relative of the racoon lives here and have become very tame despite efforts of the wardens to discourage people from feeding them.
Some views of the many waterfalls. (Click here for more photos of the Falls)
Beth with our taxi driver. He was very enthusiastic and got a free ticket to the falls by saying he was our tour guide.
Before heading into Argentina we had the last of our Brazilian barbecues. On the list of ‘Noble Meats’ this one included Bull Testicles. We wondered if we had inadvertently eaten these before not knowing the Spanish word for them!
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