Baja California

Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas (See Map)

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Camping in the Desert    
Between towns on Baja the countryside can be pretty barren except for roadside restaurants like these.  If we ate a meal they would let us camp behind for free.
We cycled through much of Baja with Louie from Memphis, USA (left) and Andy, from Germany (right).  It was great to have other cyclists to travel with and we became good friends.
Campsite in the desert.  This time also with a German couple, Markus and Mila.
Around a campfire of cactus wood.  The only problem with campsites like these are the thorns.  They were the cause of numerous flat tyres and a hole in Louie's thermarest.
This cow had a branch of a cactus stuck in its belly.  Beth failed to assist in removing it!
Vultures don't seem to mind the thorns.  They love perching on top.
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