Uruguay (and Northern Argentina)

Iguazu Falls to Colonia (See Map)

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Northern Argentina  
This page, although within the Uruguay section of our website, relates to Northern Argentina which we entered briefly before finding ourselves heading into Uruguay in search of better road conditions.
This was what we thought would be our last border crossing, Brazil to Argentina at Iguazu Falls (and for Jeremy, the completion of his principle goal of reaching Argentina by bicycle! - but by no means the end of the journey)
Just across the border this sign informed us that the Falkland Islands belong to Argentina! We were worried that this was still an emotive subject for the Argentinean people and decided to pretend we were Canadian.
Some cyclists are even more heavily loaded than us.
We met some fellow cycle tourists from Argentina. We were jealous because they were travelling the opposite way with the wind behind them.
A typical lunch stop in Northern Argentina. We bought spam from this village shop and made sandwiches. The family were incredibly welcoming and we were sad to turn down an invitation to stay for dinner.  Unfortunately, we were in the late stages of our journey and time was becoming increasingly short.  Love his trousers!
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