Iguazu Falls to Colonia (See Map)

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The Diversion into Uruguay  
Northern Argentina was very pleasant but as we headed South traffic increased. Deterred by the prospect of 300 miles of motorway on the approach to Buenos Aires, we crossed the river Parana which separates Argentina from Uruguay. We had heard from some motorcycle tourists that roads in Uruguay are very quiet in comparison to their Argentinean counterparts.
We were into our second cycle of seasons with the cold increasing with each day as we moved south.  By now it was actually mid winter in South America and the woolly hats were useful once again. 
Uruguay’s border post was the friendliest and most welcoming of our trip. They were cooking a feast of barbecued meat over an open fire inside but left their cooking for a minute for a group photo.
The roads exceeded our hopes and were extremely quiet with maybe one car passing every 5 minutes.
The roads were sometimes a bit rough but we liked this because it did not slow us down much but it slowed the cars down a lot.
We even had a priority lane at the toll gates shared with tractors and motorbikes.
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