Northern Venezuela

Paraguaipoa to Cuidad Bolivar (See Map)

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Northwest Venezuela

Southern Venezuela

The view from our hotel window in Paraguapoa, our first night in Venezuela.
Cycling through salt flats. The salt is collected by locals to sell as an additive for animal feed.
Sheltering from a downpour. The rainy season has definitely started.
The first city we came to in Venezuela was Maracaibo, Venezuela’s oil capital. It lies on the banks of Lago de Maracaibo, South America’s largest lake from which two-thirds of Venezuela’s oil output is extracted.
Behind the altar of this church in Maracaibo is the highly venerated Virgin of Chiquinquira to whom numerous miracles are attributed. Beth queued with the pilgrims to see her.
Venezuela comes from a word meaning ‘Venice Like’. It was named this by Spanish explorers when they encountered people living in houses like these, known as Palafitos.
We found some villagers who still live in this traditional way on Laguna de Sinamaica.
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