Southern Venezuela

Cuidad Bolivar to Santa Elena de Uairen (See Map)

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Northern Venezuela

Angel Falls is the world’s highest waterfall with a vertical drop of 979m. It was named after the American bush pilot Jimmie Angel who had to abandon his plane there in 1937, trekking for 11 days back to civilisation.  We went to see his plane which is displayed outside of Cuidad Bolivar’s airport.
We decided to make an attempt to see the waterfall which involves taking a flight in a 5 seater plane to Canaima National Park (this is our plane). There is no land route to Canaima.
However, being the beginning of the rainy season visibility was very poor and we were forced to land at an intermediary airstrip.
We chilled out on the runway waiting for the weather to clear. Some dogs were doing the same.
We eventually made it to Canaima, an indigenous village set amongst beautiful rainforest and dramatic waterfalls.
A view of Canaima lagoon. Our guide told us that only one week before the rivers were too low to navigate by boat and these palm trees were on the back of the beach!
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