Northern British Columbia

Watson Lake to Prince George (See Map)

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The Alaska Highway  
From Whitehorse we rejoined the Alaska Highway to take us to Watson Lake.
The story goes that, at Watson Lake, a soldier working on the Alaska Highway erected a signpost to his home town - others followed suit and today this area is known as the ‘signpost jungle’.
We borrowed some paint and brushes and made a sign to Buenos Aires to commemorate the Cycle Americas trip. Maybe one day we’ll look to see if it is still there.
These signs mark the top of a hill. On uphill struggles we watched for them eagerly.
In this hilly terrain we were rapidly running out of brake pads!
It was salmon spawning season and the streams were full of salmon which had made an amazing journey from the ocean back to the exact stream where they hatched in order to mate and then die. The salmon are an important food source for black bears who can be seen fishing at this time of year.
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