Northern British Columbia

Watson Lake to Prince George (See Map)

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Stewart-Cassiar Highway  
From Watson Lake we headed down the Stewart–Cassiar Highway, an alternative route to the Alaska Highway.
Not all of the Highway is paved so we were back on dusty roads for a while. It was worth it for the scenery and wildlife we saw along the way.
We saw many black bears. At this time of year they are attracted to the roadside to eat the Autumn berries which grow along the side of the road where there is more light. Fortunately they were usually scared of us and left as we came past like this one.
We also spotted some moose. They were not close enough to photograph which is probably a good thing as they can be very aggressive.
We hired a canoe from a campsite beside a lake hoping to catch the moose coming down to the waters edge to drink at dusk. We didn’t see any moose but a family of otters entertained us in their attempts to chase us away from their home.
One of the things we liked the most about this highway was the lakes along the way.  Often we were able to camp on the lakeshores.
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