The Rocky Mountains

Mount Robson to Radium Hot Springs (See Map)

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Mountain Biking in Jasper  
Our first stop was Jasper, a town in an idyllic setting surrounded by a series of lakes.
Jasper is famous for mountain biking so we left our bags in the guesthouse and hit the trails.
Taking a break to admire the view.
We also cycled out to Maligne Lake which is said to be one of the most beautiful in the area.
The route to Maligne Lake took us past Medicine Lake which is fed by underground channels. At certain times of year when rainfall in the mountains is low, the lake empties via these channels resulting in the swift disappearance of the lake. The Indigenous people called it Medicine Lake in reference to the magic of medicine men.
Cheeky tame jays wanted to share our lunch. This one pinched some of Jeremy’s sandwich as he was putting it into his mouth in a skilful fly–by inches from his face.
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