Malacatan to Puerto Barrios (See Map)

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Into Central America    
People are very friendly in Guatemala and often stop to chat by the roadside to find out where we have come from and where we are going.  This man was keen to have his photo taken with his impressively laden horse.
Throughout Central America, old USA school buses are used for public transport.  In Guatemala they are painted in bright colours.

Coca Cola advertisements decorate the landscape.

Stopping for lunch at a roadside comedor.  These chicks weren't sure whether to give their seat up for us.
Ostrich riding was a big hit for locals at the circus.
From the border the road climbed an exhausting 3500 meters in 50 miles.  We realised we couldn't make the whole distance in one day.  The family of this house let us camp in their front yard.
Unfortunately there was a radio mast next to the house.  Cars going by during the night activated the intruder lights which attracted giant moths who spent the night dive bombing our tent.  Beth woke up at 3 am and spent 5 sleepy minutes trying to work out why dawn comes earlier in Guatemala.
We made it up the mountain to the town of Xela where we ran into our cycling companion from Baja, Louie.  They also do great breakfasts here of fruit and pancakes
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