Malacatan to Puerto Barrios (See Map)

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Lago Atitlan and Market Day    
Arriving at Lago Atitlan at sunset.  The lake lies in a collapsed volcanic cone.
We took our bikes to the other side of the lake to search for Maximon, a wooden effigy worshipped by locals.  Every year he is moved to a different household.  We asked around and a young boy showed us the way.  We found him draped with multiple headscarves with a cigarette protruding from his mouth, multiple gifts of his favourite offering, rum, at his feet.
A girl in traditional Mayan dress.  In this part of the highlands, Mayan culture are strong and Mayan dialects are spoken as a first language with Spanish learned as a second language in school.
After cycling part way around the lake we thought we had missed the last boat back to the hotel.  Fortunately it was later than we were so we didn't have to spend the night on this jetty.
We set off early for Chichicastenango market day.  This is a view of Lago Atitlan at sunrise with Volcano smoking behind.
The market being set up at 7am.
Blessing the church and swinging incense.
Chickens were one of the more popular items being sold at market.
And colourful Mayan handicrafts.
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