Malacatan to Puerto Barrios (See Map)

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Guatemala City to the Caribbean    
Coming down from the highlands we were in banana country.  Bananas are one Guatemala's biggest exports.  The plantations are self contained communities with workers houses, schools, shops and restaurants all on site.  These blue bags are laced with pesticides to keep insects away.
Giant stelae carved in  honour of the Mayan leader Cauac Sky at Quirigua archaeological zone.
Detail of the side panels.
Thought I recognised him from South Park.
Lago de Izabal.  Yachts sail up the Rio Dulce from the Caribbean to this beautiful lake.
This boy took care to balance our bikes as we made a speedy lake crossing in a rickety boat to the town of Rio Dulce.
At the bar in one of Rio Dulce's marinas.  Jeremy with Peter, one of the accomplished sailors we met who have inspired us into thinking about possibilities for our next adventure!
Sailing down the Rio Dulce to the Caribbean on a catamaran.  This young captain was starting travelling early, on a trip around Central America with his mother.
First town on the Caribbean.  Livingstone is the home of Garifuna people, black Guatemalans originally brought to the Honduran island of Roatan as slaves before settling the Caribbean coast of Central America.
Sunrise on the Caribbean.
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