Malacatan to Puerto Barrios (See Map)

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A Mayan Kingdom in the Jungle    
We took some time off from cycling to visit Tikal, an ancient Mayan city deep in the jungle.
The eyes of Tlaloc the rain god.
The National tree of Guatemala.  Mayan people believed it's roots led to the underworld.  Today Mayan people come here to pray and sacrifice chickens on an altar by its trunk.  The moss in its branches has a symbiotic relationship trapping moisture from the air for the tree while being held above the canopy by its branches where it benefits from more light.
At home in the jungle.
A colourful wild turkey.
Our guide coaxed her out of a hole in the ground with a leaf.
Nice legs.
Climbing the temples.
The view from the top.
Exotic pets at our hostel.  He spent the days removing the tassels from these decorative lights.
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