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Climbing Volcan Pacaya    
Pacaya is a 2,552m high active volcano close to Antigua Guatemala and named after an edible bamboo like plant which grows on its slopes.  We made a last minute decision to climb it which involved paying a taxi driver to chase and flag down the tourist bus on the way out of Antigua to take us to the trailhead.
The lower slopes are in the clouds.  Our guide explained that if we get lost our group would be known as 'the boat' and we should ask for that ... but ask who?
As 'the boat' ascended above the cloud line the top of the cone came into view.  By now there is a strong smell of rotten eggs.
Volcanic rock makes for tough walking - it's two steps up and one down.  It really cuts into your shoes as well.  Our cycle shoes weren't really made for this.
The smoking crater.  Every few minutes a cloud of choking sulphur dioxide came our way.  No flames but this is active enough for us at this close range.
The rock is really beautiful covered in sulphurous deposits.
Far above the clouds.
Sliding back down, feet submerged in the gravel.
The dust gets into everything.
But it's all worth it for a sunset like this.
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