Cycle Americas

Beth Cheesebrough and Jeremy Evershed (Thomas) - A cycle journey across the Americas.

This website details our journey from Alaska to Argentina by bicycle in 12 months.  We took many thousands of photos along the way and have selected but a few to include on this website.  The pages are divided by country with some of the larger countries having sub-groupings.  The route we took can be seen by going to the 'Our Route' page and viewing the links to each individual country.

The website contains pages under the following headings:

Alaska and Canada

USA and Mexico

Central America

Colombia and Venezuela



Uruguay and Argentina


We have also included some more general information which seeks amongst other things to provide the information relevant to some of the questions that we have frequently been asked along the way.  It may also be of some interest to others considering similar bicycle journeys.  These pages are as follows:

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